Slow SSH Tunnel & OpenVPN Speeds. Please Help

May 30, 2014 8.3k views
I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, so with SSH I didn't change anything except change the port to 443, whether It's on 22 or 443 I get really slow speeds like 50-100 KB/s. I have another VPS hosted else were and I get my max net speed which is 1MB/s. Same goes for OpenVPS, I used SoftEther to set it up, very slow speeds, but on my other VPS, max net speeds reached. Is DigitalOcean slowing speeds? speeds are fine when downloading on VPS, but not from PC---VPS---NET.
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No, we are not limiting droplets' throughput. Where are you located and in what region is your droplet located? Also, what's the latency from your computer to your droplet? Do all websites load slowly or is it just one particular website?
Check in your OpenVPN settings that you are not using any default settings like "Limit users to 1Mbps each" which would be designed for a commercial VPN situation.

You could try to test the speed of your VPS by using one of these test files:
Do this by selecting a file to test, copying the location of the link, and, via SSH on your server
wget -O /dev/null

wget will display the download speed in MB/sec (MegaBYTES), not Bits. 1MByte = 8Mbit. Bit is usually a lowecase b, where Byte is Uppercase B.

I find with my Amsterdam2 server, I can consistently achieve 50MB/s, which is 400Mbit. It varies obviously on load balancing and such.

If your VPS seems slow, contact DigitalOcean support via the control panel.
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