Slowness after installations

Posted August 2, 2014 2.3k views

After a clean install of Apache, my server had 200 req/second for the index.html file that came with Apache.

After installing MySQL, phpmyadmin, wordpress and phalcon the requests/second are 8-10.. which is kind of absurd for a normal.

How can I pinpoint the cause of this?

The system stats are alright, I don’t understand what’s restricting the server itself:
CPU 4.9% nice: 0.0% LOAD 1-core MEM 29.3% active: 143M SWAP 0.0%
user: 2.3% irq: 0.3% 1 min: 0.09 total: 490M inactive: 252M total: 1024M
system: 2.3% iowait: 0.0% 5 min: 0.05 used: 144M buffers: 16.2M used: 0
idle: 95.1% steal: 0.0% 15 min: 0.04 free: 346M cached: 288M free: 1024M

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  • It seems like it’s a network restriction that was added in some way.
    From the local machine, I can get 400req/s with phalcon framework, yet from the outside it’s still 10req/s (I used to get 400req/s easily from the outside.. - I have a 40Mbit line to support these speeds ;))

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What size droplet are you using for this configuration? On a 512MB droplet a full LAMP stack as you described will often cause you to exhaust your available memory as the MySQL process uses quite a bit on it’s own.

You may want to try enabling a swap file on your droplet ( and see what optimizations you can apply to your MySQL configuration. Alternatively you could consider upgrading to a larger droplet or separating your database and web services onto two droplets.