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Hi, Can I host an SMS Gateway from a digitalocean droplet? Thanks in advance, Francis
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You get full root access to your droplets/vpses. You can install any software you like as long as it's linux-compatible and is not against the TOS:
Thanks for your reply but what I meant was, does digitalocean have the hardware required to host an SMS Gateway?

Thanks again,
What kind of hardware is required to host an SMS gateway?
Unfortunately we do not have this kind of hardware.
What sort of scale were you looking at? Or, what's the use case? Many end-user apps have SMS capabilities, e.g. Outlook, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger.

Otherwise, you could look at a direct-to-SMSC gateway, which probably could be implemented on DigitalOcean's servers; but would probably require a contract directly with a mobile operator.

While any of several SMS service providers should do the trick, it’s worth nothing that Digital Ocean posted a guest blog post for Twilio a while back, talking about how Twilio and Digital Ocean play well with each other:

Personally I’ve had good experiences with using IFTTT’s “Maker Webhooks” plugin. It allows me to send a curl command (in good old command-line Bash) from a droplet to to trigger a generic IFTTT “event”. The event can then be translated into sending an SMS message, or sending an email, or turning on a Philips Hue light, or an LED or my Raspberry Pi, or whatever.

I haven’t used Twilio in several years, but back then at least the experience was also quite good. It costs money, but not much, and seemed very reliable and easy to use.

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