SMTP Mandrill Port 587 Connection Timed out

November 24, 2014 13.1k views

Hi guys,
I have an app that send some notification e-mails for myself using Mandrillapp's SMTP server. It works fine on my localhost/development, but in DigitalOcean's Droplet I get an PHP exception telling me that the connection have timed out.

Using Netcat I would be able to confirm this:

nc: connect to port 587 (tcp) failed: Connection timed out

It's possible to have this working on DigitalOcean or I need to do something else to send e-mails?

Thank you!

Droplet: Ubuntu 14.04 (LAMP Stack)

4 Answers
telnet 587
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

As you can see, it is working for me. what firewall rules do you have configured?

  • In order to curb spam and abuse, some new user accounts have their SMTP ports blocked by default. This is automated, and unfortunately there are sometimes false positives. If the above command does not work for you, it's likely that this is what's going on. Open a support ticket, the team would be happy to remove that block for you.

Hi guys,
You should open a ticket for DO support asking to unblock SMTP traffic on your account.

Accounts are created with this block by default to avoid spammers.

After providing some basic contact information details, Droplets on you account should be able to communicate with SMTP servers.

Hope it helps.

In my account too. We can not send or receive messages in this port (587)

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