Snapshot cannot be restored - no Region is available

November 20, 2019 173 views
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I have snapshotted a 4 year old droplet and deleted the droplet. Now I wanted to create a new droplet from the snapshot, however the UI won’t let me do this.
Either the region says it’s not available in this region or it’s temporarily disabled due to limited availability. What do I do now?

2 Answers

Hello, @dmconklin84

By default, snapshots are only available in the region where it was created. If you want to use a snapshot to create Droplets in other regions, you need to add the snapshot to those regions first.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Thank you, that actually did the trick and I can restore it in another region now.

Hello, @tobey

I’m glad that help and that you were able to sort this! :)


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