Snapshot disappearing after being transferred between 2 accounts

March 4, 2018 185 views
Backups CentOS

Hi all, I'm trying to transfer a snapshot from account A (the droplet owner) to B (the receiver) and everything seems to be ok.

But when I try to create a droplet from the transferred snapshot in account B, the app states Oops something went wrong... and the snapshot disappears.

I've tried changing snapshot region before transferring it but the result doesn't change..

I've tried several times, each with the same outcome... Anyone can help?

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  • I'm also experiencing this issue. When I refresh the snapshots page, the transferred snapshot disappears.

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That's definitely not supposed to happen. Can you please open a support ticket through the control panel so that the team can look into this issue?

/cc @mikelacourse

  • Hi,

    I've opened a ticket few days ago but no response yet. I'm stuck in this situation..

My snapshots finally showed up this morning. Took ~24 hours.

Hey there,

I have the same problem ... so annoying, I had to do this transfer for client this morning ... can't do it !

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