softetherVPN often disconnected

October 12, 2014 1.6k views


I refer to this tutorial to install softethervpn.

I can properly connected to the softethervpn, but about 3 minutes will be disconnected, and the next 5 minutes i can not get any response from my public ip address through Ping. A few minutes later, it automatically recovery to normal.

I'm from china, who faced this same problem?
Did digtialocean will shielding L2TP(or pptp、openvpn ) protocol?

The following is my server type:
1c/1g/30GB, $10/mo

1 Answer

That's odd. Have you checked the logs to see if you have a firewall set that is blocking things? Also, DigitalOcean won't block/filter any ports unless there is abuse coming from them. You can open a ticket to see if they are filtering and probably work something out with them.

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