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September 15, 2017 2.3k views
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I have a small droplet, 1gb of ram, 1 core.

I have read that the server is not really the cause to improve website loading/page scores. I would like to know some suggestions as to what I should do next in order to improve/optimise the website.

Some information about the website:

The server is a LEMP Stack with MariaDB instead of MySQL. It has Php7.0
There is only 1 website, that uses Wordpress.

This website has both a gallery section (Static Content), and uses Woocommerce (Dynamic Content).

All images and media used for building the website has been compressed/optimised already by using plugins such as Imagify etc.

The average load speed is around 6 seconds for a generic home page. This seems a bit slow, and I am looking at suggestions onto making this faster.

1) Should I have a separate droplet for the database only? Currently Database size is ~270mb. If so, any tutorials on this?

2) Should I have a separate droplet for the images? So more of a storage block.

3) Should I have Varnish/Memcache etc installed? What do you suggest, any tutorials on this for Ubuntu 16.04 Nginx?

4) Should I have another droplet for a load balancer? Any tutorials on this?


2 Answers

If you're running wordpress with many plugins you'll always have a sort of slow website unless you do some serious caching but it can affect you depending on what you're planning to provide to people.
Running a database on the same server that has a webserver makes no difference in times.
There's plugins on wordpress for caching but it might be better to run a cache mod with nginx instead.
Load Balancer isn't really needed unless you have a very large audience using your site at one time and potentially one might crash so you have a backup server.

  • Thanks, I already use WP Rocket, Nginx Helper and Cloudflare, however, just thought there were other things to optimise/make it faster.

    What Cache mod were you thinking?

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