Some advice on setting up a WordPress Multi Site install

December 19, 2014 2.3k views

I am looking to set up a WordPress multi site environment. I have WP installed already on a 2gb/2core droplet on Ubuntu 14.04.
I have previously set up a WP multi site but can anyone give any advice/tips for the set up etc?

Thanks in advance,

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I actually set mine up for my son & his classmates.

Simply put, create a vhost that has it something like this:

ServerAlias * # <-- This will be the multi-site bit

In DNS, make sure you have * pointing to your server. Yes, DNS allows for wildcard domains.

Next: follow this guide:

Guide to Creating a Network


as admin, install ONLY plugins you trust. Same goes for templates.

Sub-sites on multi-site installs cannot install plugins or themes, but can use all the ones you have installed. Inversely, they are not required to use a plugin or theme you have installed.

If you really want a well-rounded view of what is happening, I recommend Mika Epstein’s e-book on WordPress multi-sites:

She is best when it comes to multisites

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