Some of the specified target droplets don't belong to the same VPC as the Load Balancer

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I have a simple Terraform definition of a kubernetes cluster and a load balancer that will point to the kubernetes nodes by tag.

resource "digitalocean_kubernetes_cluster" "cluster" {
  name   = "cluster"
  region = "fra1"
  version = "1.20.2-do.0"

  node_pool {
    name       = "worker-pool"
    size       = "s-2vcpu-2gb"
    node_count = 3
    tags       = [var.worker_node_tag]

resource "digitalocean_loadbalancer" "load_balancer" {
  name   = "loadbalancer"
  region = "fra1"

  forwarding_rule {
    entry_port     = 80
    entry_protocol = "http"

    target_port     = 80
    target_protocol = "http"

  healthcheck {
    port     = 22
    protocol = "tcp"

  droplet_tag = var.worker_node_tag

  depends_on = [

Unfortunately when I do terraform apply the first time I get this error when terraform tries to create the load balancer

Error: Error creating Load Balancer: POST 422 (request "a1601575-6f25-4b38-bf39-cab1c182aa44") some of the specified target droplets don't belong to the same VPC as the Load Balancer

Then I wait for a few minutes, do plan and apply again and viola the load balancer gets created…

So from my understanding there seems to be a delay with the nodes networking..

Is there anyway I can do terraform apply only once?

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1 answer

I used a timeout as a workaround

resource "time_sleep" "wait" {
  depends_on = [

  create_duration = "360s"
  • I tried it with the sleep and it worked the first time.
    Unfortunately, I tried it several times next morning, with a vpc and without.
    The nodes are not being assigned to the vpc, neither default nor a new vpc.

    It is really frustrating. I will move on to another provider with the hope of more stability.