Someone can tell me how to connect BoxBilling and Digital Ocean in order to sell Digital Ocean Domains using BoxBilling

November 4, 2016 1.1k views
API DigitalOcean

I have created a webpage where my clients can buy domains and subdomanins but they have to pay somehow so I downloaded this software call BoxBilling which is a very good Billing system and I dont know how to connect Digital Ocean with BoxBilling, I think I need and Adapter Class and I dont know how to develop it, I will really apreciate if someone can tell me how to develop the class or give me some examples…

1 Answer

DigitalOcean is Cloud Hosting provider, they don’t sell Domains, you can only get Cloud Hosting.
If you are interested in allowing your clients to buy Cloud Hosting/VPS you can contact Sales team to check do they allow that software and does they have experience with it.

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