Spaces are turning out to disappoint me

February 26, 2018 4.4k views
Object Storage

At first, Spaces made me too happy. I believe that it did the same for several others who aren’t happy with the high bandwidth pricing at Amazon S3. But by the passage of time, Spaces isn’t going to do what I was expecting. Initially, we don’t have the CNAME support yet which makes it impossible for us to leave Amazon S3 (where custom domains are used). Secondly, when I talked to Digital Ocean support, they say that one should not exceed the 200 requests per second limit. I know 200 requests per second is a decent limit but I am really not happy with a limit like this as my application would send much more requests than this limit in peak hours. Now I feel that although Spaces offer much lower price than S3, it isn’t an alternative of S3 at all. In terms of scalability, I see a lot of restrictions. What do you say? Any explanation from the community or the support staff will be highly appreciated. Several confusions are stopping me from migrating my data to Spaces.

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I have found Spaces just isn’t reliable or fast enough for production use, and that is a great shame. it is perplexing why Digital Ocean haven’t made Spaces great.

  • Still the same opinion? I’m moving some infrastructure from S3 to Spaces. Any hint?

    • Same opinion I’m afraid. In my experience is has actually got worse.

      I would very much like to see it improved though.

      • I see. Actually, I’m having a lot of trouble with Spaces. I don’t know what DO did wrong, but it did impacted my entire application out of the blue. I’m considering moving some features back to AWS. Since Spaces has a trial period, it seems that this sort of problem was expected by DO

  • Still the same opinion? I’m moving some infrastructure from S3 to Spaces. Any hint?

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