Spaces bandwidth pricing

October 7, 2017 4.4k views
Object Storage

Does the Spaces transfer pricing of $0.02 per GB apply to transfers between the object storage and a Droplet instance within the same region?

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@kalimanborges As long as the communication is between a droplet and Spaces endpoint that are in the same region you will not be billed for the outbound bandwidth from Spaces to the droplet.

@kalimanborges All Spaces endpoints are on public IPs but any downloads from a Space to a droplet in the same region does not incur any usage against the 1 TB allocation in your Spaces trial or subscription. I can see how the graph might be misleading, though. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • Hi, any news on that? It would be cool if the correct graph is updated with this data

No, transfer between a Droplet and a Space in the same region is free.

  • How can I communicate using private bandwitch? My droplet graphs are counting the bandwitch to spaces as public.

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