Spaces: copyObject fails for keys with special characters

July 23, 2019 110 views

I am trying to use the S3’s copyObject API on DO Spaces. However, this is failing if the source file has special characters like ’?’. I am using aws-js-sdk. The requests fail with ‘NoSuchKey’.

Request ID of one such failing request is tx0000000000000e06c9cb0-005d379c1b-23e283-sfo2a. I am trying to copy a file named 'whatever?’. I have tried percent encoding as well but that doesn’t help. FWIW, our code works on S3 itself.

2 Answers

Hi there @girishcloudron,

Hm, this is an interesting one!

I’m not quite sure what is going on here, I think it’d be best if you could get in touch with our amazing support team. They can work with you to establish the source of the issue and get it solved for you!

Hope that helps!
- Matt.

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