Spaces CORS does not expose headers

August 12, 2018 939 views

I have been using Spaces in replace of S3 for a while. I am using custom metadata. The retrieval of my custom metadata is fine if I get the objects via either java AWS SDK or AWS CLI. However I cannot get it via javascript running on a domain.
I have configured CORS for the bucket and notice that Digital Ocean does not provide a place to enter the ExposeHeaders configuration, which enable S3 CORS to return custom metadata for the objects.
I even attempted to set the ExposeHeader myself for my bucket using AWS CLI, something like:
aws --endpoint-url s3api put-bucket-cors --bucket mybucket --cors-configuration file://cors.json
the cors.json file contains my settings for ExposeHeaders

getting back the CORS from DigitalOcean shows that my settings was saved, with the ExposeHeaders
aws --endpoint-url s3api get-bucket-cors --bucket

However, there is still no metadata or any extra headers in my cross domain response . The only headers presented for my objects are:
content-type and last-modified.

Is this a missing configuration on DO side?
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2 Answers

Having the same problem.

I'm configuring ExposeHeaders "Location" and "ETag" and expecting these back in the form-based upload response.

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