Spaces is not responding for me

May 24, 2019 258 views
DigitalOcean Object Storage Ubuntu 18.04

I have a NYC3 Space that moving files or renaming them in the dashboard is not working. It keeps loading forever (Saving.../Moving...) and in the end it never makes the change.

This is preventing me from working, why isn't any header about the issues in NYC3 spaces?

PS: It's still serving files fine.

1 Answer

Hey there,

My name is Ethan, I'm from the Storage Developer Support Engineering team. Could you open up a ticket with details about the objects/folders that are failing to move (along with the Space name) as well as browser request/response headers detailing the failure? (Chrome example for grabbing headers)

Once we have information regarding these failures we can work on resolving the issue on the client-side.

You can also use s3cmd to move the object or folder. All of the available S3cmd options are in their docs.

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, just write back in and let me know! :)

Developer Support Engineer II @ DigitalOcean

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