When I visit:


I am returned:


What I would like to automatically happen is:


goes to


Is there any way to accomplish this?

  • Would love to see this feature actually come to life - It’s pretty much the only real blocker for using Spaces as a static site host.

  • I didn’t even realize that this wasn’t a feature. I just wrote a really nice blog post about DO and had this feature listed. I have to find some other means to even host this blog now.

    Any update on this default landing pages feature yet?

  • Okeydoke. Looks like it’s been a while. Are you all working on a gateway server that will handle this instead?

  • I’ve just found this. Really?!? The idea of serving a default directory index is from 1993. It’s been a standard since then. Some people reading this are younger.

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We don’t support this in Spaces now (/ –> index.html) but are working on this now. Hope to have some good news for you early next year :) Thanks for the question.

We are still hoping to deliver this kind of functionality before end of year. Sorry I don’t have better / more news at this point.

Hi All - I am the PM for Spaces. We launched custom subdomain in April as a first step in providing a simple static sites hosting solution. This is currently in design and is the next thing we are working. As someone noted above it’s the last thing that’s required to complete the static hosting story.

  • Thank you for the update! Also amazing work so far - Spaces is simple, and elegant, only missing one thing.

    Adding support for mapping index to entry would truly complete the static site solution. An opt-in maybe for how Spaces (or buckets) could behave?

    Really looking forward to this feature! As I’m sure countless other unheard voices are as well.

    Another consideration please - automated workflows is a big part of many projects, please don’t forget about giving attention to an intuitive programmatic API (doctl one day I hope) where we can fully control the Spaces ecosystem.

    Thank YOU!

  • Hi @pchakravarthi ,

    Any ETA on this “default root object” feature? (/ –> index.html)
    As others mentioned, this is one of the biggest show stopper for us to host static websites :(


  • Would love to see this implemented.

  • Yup, it is the last thing that’s required to complete the static hosting story alright.

Hi everyone,

As a customer of DO I must say that this situation here is very disappointing - we were told by DO staff some year before that this simple feature would be implemented in 2018. We have 2020 and nothing - how can we perceive DO team answers? Hello guys, wake up! We wanted to move to DO from AWS a huge could service hat has hundreds of thousands of daily clients - but there are several missing functionalities (some of them can be worked around) but his simple feature has been promised long ago and not delivered. @pchakravarthi how about your credibility? Your last post is a year old. Could we kindly ask for a responsible answer and deadline?

Can not host my site on DO looking for other solutions …
Mabe on 2030 DO will implement this feature?

Any news? More than one year for a simple feature, this product seems abandoned…

Hi, I just completed a static site project (due in 2 hours) and as I’m about to victoriously ship it before the deadline I come across this issue.

Please, please document PROMINENTLY that this is not supported. Everything else about the way Spaces is setup suggests S3 compatibility, meaning that this should work out of the box. I just got really burned by this.

Absent of this feature stop us to move from AWS S3. This don’t looks like hard thing to implement. Two years have passed and still no default index page… :(

Is this still not available and no way around it? no trick config or anything?

Any news on this one? Seems like a basic feature to replace AWS S3. I typically host sites on S3 then use lambdas for apis for data.

To have such feature would be great!

Hi there! Any news about this very basic feature? It’s been 2 years now and I’m amazed that a dynamic and innovative company like DO could not deliver it sooner… :-/

Hello there DO from 2020, kinda started using spaces hoping this will be done before we are about to release…… we are way far from releasing our product but should we… look forward to this?.... :pray:

5 Quarters later it seems still not implemented.
Did you even try? Is it an abandoned idea?

Good to know before wasting time trying to use spaces as an S3 alternative.

It is very unfortunate the DO team seems to have completely disregarded the community’s persistent request for this feature that frankly seems basic to add. It has been a year since your last comment, which was encouraging people that this new feature was on its way - but nothing. No update.

@johngannon @pchakravarthi This seems like an easy one to appease customers, and to win new ones. I’ll have to take my business elsewhere today.

Hi any updates on this?

I would like this feature please!

It is a joke that they still didn’t implement it. I see it as a bug and not as a feature.
Due to this, you can’t use spaces. Therefore I don’t have a choice but to stay with Amazon.

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