Why does spaces cdn sometimes take 7-12 seconds to deliver a small asset?

Stack info:

Hardware: 8GM Ram 4 vCPUs

OS: Ubuntu 18

Webserver: nginx with cache setup, h2 working for resources served from NGINX, SSL w/ LE

Spaces CDN: All items have meta data for cache set properly, all files that can be gzipped are and working as expected


Website: Wordpress heavily optimized, 33 requests total, no blocking js/css, scoring 95% on gtmetrix, page size 900kbs

I tested my site and every 15-20 hits there is a single asset that takes 7-12 seconds to load (images, under 130kbs), and its coming from my spaces every time (not nginx). Its weird because my home page is 900kbs and the biggest file i have is 120kbs, so no way it should take 7-12s to load, what can i do to resolve this? I have no render blocking JS or CSS so site will still load but image will be missing for about 6 seconds before it finally received over the wire.

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Hey friend,

Sorry to hear about the trouble this has caused, but I’m excited to hear of your use case and get product feedback. This scenario can have a lot of causes, ranging from latency/distance to a problem on our side. Many other things can be packed in the “in between” on those as well, like file size etc.

What I would think may be of the most interest would be to get a good example of one of these items that you can see this happen on fairly consistently. It doesn’t have to happen every time, but if you could say “1 out of every 5 times, this file loads slowly” then that would be a great point of reference. I would then take that and open a ticket with our support team, provide that statistic and link (doesn’t have to be 100% accurate statistic, go with your instinct), and let them know what is happening.


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