Spam despite several spamcop complaints

August 13, 2016 1.3k views

does Digitalocean react on spamcop reports?
We submitted more than 20 reports of one single customer of Digitalocean on one sigle spamtrap here without any reaction.
As a result we blocked the complete IP range of Digitalocean to receive mails for our customers here.
Some example of the last few reports:

Anybody here?

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  • No answers, unfortunately, just more of the same complaint. I report about 10 digitalocean spams a day to spamcop, and have been for months, with no discernible result. Apparently digitalocean is a spamhaus as emails to their listed contact ( go unanswered and unacknowledged.

1 Answer

The spam run from this single DigitalOcean customer does not cease. No reaction from DigitalOcean abuse department is visible.
For the records the first Spamcop reports have been filed 2016-07-05

and since then allmost every day until today

Spamcop sends the reports to, I did additionally copy several reports to as well.

As the spammer has a changing IP for every spamrun we had to block the complete IP range of DigitalOcean for incomming mails here.

Sending spamcop reports to DigitalOcean seems useless and we will stop to do so. The spammer is ease to filter for the benefit of our customers. Side effect if you stay in such a neighborhood may happen.

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