Spawning many droplets for a short time

May 14, 2019 339 views
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Hey all,

For my project I need to spawn multiple droplets for a few hours, randomly. Is this something that is OK to do in digital ocean? It could spawn 100 droplets in a few hours and keep them all running for 6 hours or seomthing, afte Also, what is the average time it takes for a droplet to be created with the API?

thanks in advance,

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Hey Jorik,

Curbing Abuse is our top priority to safeguard legitimate users here at DigitalOcean.

We would be more than happy to mark your account safe as spawning and destroying droplet for short duration might trigger some notifications to our Trust and Safety team.

Feel free to submit a ticket to our Support team referencing this link. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Prakash Jha
Developer Support

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