Speed test for the US and Amsterdam servers please...

August 13, 2012 16.9k views
The speed test as indiacated in https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/do-you-have-a-speed-test doesnt work. Can you fix that please? Thanks!
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I tried the URLs and they are working, what issue are you having with it?

http://speedtest-ny1.digitalocean.com/ and http://speedtest-ams1.digitalocean.com/test.zip gives an error message saying that the test has expired.
Ahh, thanks, looks like we need to get the new version installed =]
New Speed tests here:


The results i get when i test with:
http://speedtest-ny1.digitalocean.com/test.zip - Maxes my connection at 13Mbps
http://speedtest.nyc.digitalocean.com/100MB - I only get 2Mbps

Why the difference?
I've just tested both links and was downloading at the same speed, give it a shot at a different time and see if you are seeing the same download speed.
We have new speed test files up:

I am transferring my site from 1and1 philadelphia server to digital ocean amsterdam server. The files on the old server is zipped and being 'wget'ted to amsterdam server. I am getting speeds like 70 - 100 K / s. Isn't this too slow. I think it should be atleast few M / s, am I right?
@anil_mndl: It depends on your old server's connection. Do you have VirtIO enabled on your droplet?
thanks for the reply Kamal. I just did a transfer from my 1and1 to godaddy and I received 11 MBPS. That tells me the old server connection is fine.

I did enable VirtIO. Isn't that something you choose to enable when creating the droplet. How do I check if its actually enabled?

Run this command on both VPSes:

curl -s https://kmlnsr.me/speedtest.sh | bash

You can check if VirtIO is enabled by running the following command:

df | grep vda

If it outputs a line with /dev/vda - it means VirtIO *is* enabled.
17 Mbit up, 116Mbit down from AM server using speedtest.net.

Not to great as the upload speed is exactly what I get at home (yes I am lucky), down is pretty good as I suspect that is the server limit from where I download.


Wait I lied... just ran the test again and got 37Mbit up.
I know why the test is so slow now too. My IP according to geo location is in russia... so speedtest downloads from russia.
Ok so using a 'local' server:

julian/speedtest-cli# speedtest --server 3564
Retrieving speedtest.net configuration...
Retrieving speedtest.net server list...
Testing from Petersburg Internet Network ltd. (
Hosted by ISP Services (Doetinchem) [1720.13 km]: 63.976 ms
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 610.40 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed..................................................
Upload: 43.64 Mbit/s

Pretty good :)
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