Speed test for the US and Amsterdam servers please...

Posted August 13, 2012 17.5k views
The speed test as indiacated in doesnt work. Can you fix that please? Thanks!

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I tried the URLs and they are working, what issue are you having with it?

Thanks and gives an error message saying that the test has expired.
Ahh, thanks, looks like we need to get the new version installed =]
New Speed tests here:

The results i get when i test with: - Maxes my connection at 13Mbps
& - I only get 2Mbps

Why the difference?
I've just tested both links and was downloading at the same speed, give it a shot at a different time and see if you are seeing the same download speed.
We have new speed test files up:

I am transferring my site from 1and1 philadelphia server to digital ocean amsterdam server. The files on the old server is zipped and being 'wget'ted to amsterdam server. I am getting speeds like 70 - 100 K / s. Isn't this too slow. I think it should be atleast few M / s, am I right?
@anil_mndl: It depends on your old server's connection. Do you have VirtIO enabled on your droplet?
thanks for the reply Kamal. I just did a transfer from my 1and1 to godaddy and I received 11 MBPS. That tells me the old server connection is fine.

I did enable VirtIO. Isn't that something you choose to enable when creating the droplet. How do I check if its actually enabled?

Run this command on both VPSes:

curl -s | bash

You can check if VirtIO is enabled by running the following command:

df | grep vda

If it outputs a line with /dev/vda - it means VirtIO *is* enabled.
17 Mbit up, 116Mbit down from AM server using

Not to great as the upload speed is exactly what I get at home (yes I am lucky), down is pretty good as I suspect that is the server limit from where I download.

Wait I lied... just ran the test again and got 37Mbit up.
I know why the test is so slow now too. My IP according to geo location is in russia... so speedtest downloads from russia.
Ok so using a 'local' server:

julian/speedtest-cli# speedtest --server 3564
Retrieving configuration...
Retrieving server list...
Testing from Petersburg Internet Network ltd. (
Hosted by ISP Services (Doetinchem) [1720.13 km]: 63.976 ms
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 610.40 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed..................................................
Upload: 43.64 Mbit/s

Pretty good :)
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