SQL as a service

March 3, 2017 9.6k views

I would like to run a webshop in a docker and mysql as a service.
Is there a possibility to run mysql as a service at DO?

2 Answers

i think its possible.

check Database-as-a-Service in the following link.


DigitalOcean doesn't specifically provide MySQL as a Service, though their service in general allows you to do this on your own using your own means to create such a service.

You can deploy a Droplet and install MySQL/MariaDB/Percona/etc manually, using Docker or Ubuntu LXC/LXD, or cloud-init scripts which are ran during deployment. You can also integrate with existing libraries which connect to the DigitalOcean API and use the API to deploy and configure as needed using the programming language of your choice.

There's plenty of options available, how you'd go about doing it would be your choice, of course :-).

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