Hello, I have just ran through all the steps in this article


and I have been able to get everything working EXCEPT the ability to have whatismyip.com be able to NOT DETECT browsing through a PROXY when using Squid to Proxy Browse. I was hoping to get some assistance on why this might be happening? Also I am unclear on this “Once you have a dynamic IP hostname, you can update it from your router at home,” why would i need to update it from my router at home, if it resides on the droplet? Please help I really want to get this working as the article says it is supposed to be :)

Please let me know any infos I need to provide so we can solve this.

Thanks again

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Hi @pstephenspringer

Could it be that Squid somehow is forwarding a proxy header?

I’ve seen this happen, when the ISP supports IPv4 and IPv6, but you only proxy IPv4. Make sure you either block IPv6 on your end or make sure Squid supports IPv6 also.

So after reading up on that and doing some more research it appears whatsmyip.com seeing my squid as a DCH proxy is normal and isnt really an easy way around it being detected as such:

DCH could refer to Data Center, Content Delivery Network or Hosting Provider. It is wide range of servers, but it does not guarantee to be proxy.

Reference Source: https://www.ip2location.com/databases/p … n-city-isp

Thoughts and/or opinions?


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