SRV Records

October 15, 2013 5.7k views
I currently have two servers running with 2 ips. My domain name points to the first ip and I have a sub domain that points to the second ip. On the second server I have application that isn't running on the default port. The normal solution is to use SRV records, but I am having a little bit of trouble setting it up with the DO dns panel. what the setup is currently mydomain => first ip sub.mydomain => second ip what i want to setup anothersub.mydomain => second ip:port Any help would be much appreciated.
3 Answers
You don't need to create an SRV record.

What kind of application do you have running on the second server? If it's a web application, you can use nginx to reverse proxy to it.
It is for a game servers that run on TCP and UDP.
We currently do not support SRV records so you will have to use other DNS nameservers.
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