SSH connection timed out. Cannot login

September 1, 2018 2.7k views
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I just starded using DigitalOcean. I have created Ubuntu droplet for wordpres LAMP eviroment.
From the beginning i was using Putty with SSH pair (set up public key on droplet creation)
I have fallowed all the guides, and configured everything proprely and everything is running.
But I no longer can login trough putty of filezilla sftp.
Network error connnection timed out.
I have restarded my PC as win10 has its moods but that didint help.
Tried to login trough web inteface but console ask me for basic login credentials insted of key!

Whats going on? Help plz

3 Answers

Sorry for above comment

Finally, I got it !!

It was the issue with the firewall

these commands solved my issue.

sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw default allow outgoing
sudo ufw allow ssh
sudo ufw allow 22

For console access have you tried “Reset Root Password” (under the “Launch Console” button)? Will email you password to access console as root. May take a few minutes to get the email.

I am also facing the same issue. I tried resetting password also but no use. On putty not even allowed putting username then what is the use with reset password? Other droplets are working fine though.

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