ssh-copy-id question

May 11, 2019 452 views
Ubuntu 18.04 Quickstart

Trying to setup SSH keys so I can connect to my droplets files with filezilla. I should have done this during the droplet creation stage but didn’t and now I have to do it manually.

I’m using this tutorial:

I’m trying to locally use ssh-copy-id to copy my public SSH key to the droplet.

I know I have to substitute the IP address in this example with my droplets IP, but what do I use for username part of the command? Do I use my digitalocean account email address?

ssh-copy-id username@droplet-ip-here

1 Answer

Hello, you can use root as the username. If you do not have the password, you can reset it via the control panel. Though keep in mind that this would require a quick reboot.

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