SSH: Could not open a connection to your authentication agent

August 7, 2016 10.4k views


I accessed my server with ssh one time on from Ubuntu16.04

But when tried to connect next time I goy this error
"Could not open a connection to your authentication agent"
after executing
$ eval ssh-agent -s
$ ssh-add <path_to_private_key>

So I cant connect with ssh, and I don't have login or password.
How can I get at least a login and password to access the server?

Please, help :)
I am new to Ubuntu

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  • Can you share a little more information so we can best help you.

    • What operating system are you using on your local computer?
    • What SSH client are you using
    • If you're using a command line SSH client what exact command are you using to attempt your connection.
    • If you're on macOS or Linux, what is the contents of your ~/.ssh directory?
1 Answer

Instead of eval ssh-agent -s you may need to use:

exec ssh-agent bash

How this step is performed will vary depending on the OS you are on. This page has some other options and more information.

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