SSH does NOT work....

May 11, 2019 380 views
Security Ubuntu 18.04

Have NO idea why suddenly my SSH does NOT allow me to enter the DO server ?
Anything wrong with DigitalOcean these days?

Is it possibly because I’m back to China these days?

It looks neither SSH nor security payment is working properly…


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  • Did you try to regenerate a new SSH key and add it to your account? How is it not allowing you to enter the DO server (what errors did it return)? Did you try to reconfigure the SSH server on the droplet?

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What is the exact error you get when you try to SSH to the droplet?

As Jeff mentioned in the comment above have you tried generating a new SSH key?

As you are accessing the droplet from another country I would recommend checking your firewall rules to make sure that your SSH port is either open or the IP that you are accessing the server from is allowed.


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