SSH freezes in terminal

June 7, 2014 9.3k views
I can use ssh in browser, but when I trying to do it from my terminal, I got a freeze with this code: Problem isn't in droplet because it works from another computer My OS is linux Mint 14, zsh shell, RoR droplet stack.
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UPDATED: special ssh console (not terminal) in RubyMine is working. But terminal isn't.

This is happening to me too. Furthermore, while transferring many files (all files from a Jekyll[1] build), scp transfer will run until a point, then hang and stop. I can't finish the transfer of many small files.


Same issue here on Terminal 2.5 + OSX 10.10.1. I don't have this issue SSHing into any other machine - the issue is just with my droplet. It doesn't freeze immediately for me, but when I leave the terminal alone it reliably freezes after a timeout.

Edit: I found this article, which solved the issue for me:

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