SSH & FTP connection refused

September 24, 2017 1.9k views
Firewall Ubuntu 16.04

This morning I thought I'd take advantage of the Firewall offered by DO. I thought I had it set right, but then could no longer connect to the server via SSH & FTP. I removed the droplet from the firewall and same thing, still can't connect. I then deleted the firewall..still can't connect. It's been a number of hours and I still can't connect?

I've submitted a ticket earlier today with DO support, no response.

I can connect through console, tried adding allow SSH to ufw and port 22 to ufw....same thing.

Is the messed up firewall stuck? I've checked and there's no DO firewall configured according to my admin page.

It would be great if DO support would get back to me on this, but any ideas would be helpful.

1 Answer

have you got this fixed? I am running into a connection refused as well

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