SSH/HTTP: Temporary failure in name resolution/ERR Name Not Resolved when accessing droplet

February 8, 2016 6.2k views
DNS Apache

When accessing my droplet (via SSH or HTTP by domain name) I receive errors regarding failures in name resolution. I have to retry multiple times for my requests to go through.

SSH: ssh: Could not resolve hostname Temporary failure in name resolution
HTTP: Err Name Not Resolved (apache2 web server)

I don’t see anything wrong with my domain or DNS settings. I use namecheap name servers.

A Record    @
A Record    api
A Record    doc
A Record    www

Any help is appreciated.

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  • May be nothing, but reports the following warnings with dns checks:

    Name Servers are on the Same Subnet
    SOA Expire Value out of recommended range reported Expire 604800 : Expire is recommended to be between 1209600 and 2419200.
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This will be something to bring up with NameCheap, as your domain works just fine.

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