SSH issue for newly created droplets

February 22, 2015 1.5k views

I created my first CoreOS droplet, put my ssh public key there.

When I went to Console Access from my account, it asked for login, entered root, then it asked for password. I don't have a password because I created the droplet with SSH key.

Same thing happened when trying to ssh from my local machine.

I even tried to destroy and recreate the droplet, but it doesn't help.

Any thought?



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  • If this was the first time you tried to access your droplet, try to enter the password you received in an email after you signed up. It will ask you to reset your password to whatever you like. At this point you should create a new user with "root" privileges for which you will create an SSH key. It seems like a lot but it is easy.

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my bad, the default user for coreOS is core, not root

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