SSH key generation

June 2, 2014 1.9k views
I don't think this is an available service, and if it's not, I'd like to suggest it be considered for a future feature. Create SSH keys from the DO dashboard, which would save the public key to the server and let you download the private key (one time only, at time of creation) to your desktop. Another idea is for the DO dashboard to be able to grab public key from an already running droplet and import it into the DO dashboard. Creating and implementing SSH isn't that difficult of a task, but having to move the files from a home desktop to the dashboard could be made just that much simpler. Also, having DO generate your SSH key would ensure that newbies aren't doing it wrong, and that it is using a recommended latest release of OpenSSH (ssh-keygen, etc).
2 Answers

That's an interesting idea. Though, I think there would be some privacy concerns with generating the key directly from the DigitalOcean dashboard.

You might be interested in the ssh-import-id command. It allows you to import public keys from your GitHub or Launchpad account to your server. I've always found it handy. It's available in both Debian and Ubuntu.
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