SSH key not working

April 4, 2019 472 views
Initial Server Setup Security Ubuntu 18.04

I need assistance setting up my SSH key. I have done extensive research on how to get the key working to no avail. I also may have broken something on the initial attempt due to trying to create the key on the server and installing the private key on my local machine instead of creating it on my local machine and installing the public key on the server.
Server: Linux 18.10
Local: Windows 10 (FileZilla is installed)
Error: Permission denied (publickey)

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Kreistan April 8, 2019
Accepted Answer

This case has been resolved and is now closed.

  • It would have been helpful if you had said how it was resolved, having the same issue after confirming the ssh key fingerprint/etc, but having a hard time getting support to understand the problem.

you did not break anything on your first attempt, Kreistan. You see, the problem is, DigitalOcean does not know how to create their servers properly because I am a linux expert and have uploaded my SSH keys numerous times on first droplet creations. I cannot log in either. I have destroyed and re-created so many droplets, and even tried provisioning without the SSH key waiting for my password to be emailed to me but sure enough, nothing is there either! I don't know how these guys stay in business!

  • If you do not have a solution, do not reply.

  • I am desperate, I think I have a lot of patience, but every single new droplet and key pair I make stop working after I log out once or twice. I am tired of trying and end up being locked out. When I read your post I thought you described the situation exactly as it is. And by the way, nobody should tell you how you have to answer.

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