SSH keys don't work on new droplets - docker 1-click image

December 13, 2018 594 views
Ubuntu 16.04 Docker

I have several droplets active with which I can log in via ssh perfectly fine. However, when I create a new droplet with enabled ssh keys, I cannot log in after the droplet is created which makes it quite difficult to get work done.

I’ve tried on both generic Ubuntu installations and the 1-click Docker installation which I was hoping to use. I’ve gone through DO’s ssh debugging protocol and nothing seems to pop up. What’s going on and how can I access the server without needing to disable ssh keys and log in via username/password?

2 Answers

I am also facing some time.

This doesn’t seem to be a common issue. If you’ve tried creating a new ssh key, adding that to your account, and adding that to new Droplets and are still experiencing the same issue, please contact us at and log a ticket (as the account you’re using in the DigitalOcean Control Panel) so we can directly assist you.

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