SSH okay via PuTTy - Unable to SFTP

March 25, 2016 2.7k views
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After setting up my droplet and installing Wordpress, I need to get the SFTP working through WP as well as FileZilla.

Whenever I start up PuTTy to connect to the droplet, it does not ask for a password as the SSH keys appear to be working fine.

I’m able to run commands, etc. via the PuTTy shell.

However, I am not able to access my droplet via SFTP, although I’m using the correct User and Password that gives me Sudo access. I left the port at 22 for now.

Within FileZilla, after running Tail, it says “No supported authentication methods available.” I don’t under this. The SSH keys appear to be working and I can access easily via PuTTy, but not using my FTP application (set for SFTP port 22).

Any ideas?

1 Answer

Sounds like you disabled password authentication.

  • Just to add a further comment, WinSCP provides a means to specify a private key . Generally, I would say it would be more preferable than enabling password authentication.

    • At this point I’m trying to get the SSH part to work. It works fine when I log in with my username in puTTY, with the keys being acknowledged and no password required.

      But the username setup for wordpress (wp-user) for the purpose of server access via SSH does not work. I’ve created a new thread on this and am abandoning the FTP, FTPS, and trying to get SSH2 going.

      I’ve created a different thread for that.

      Thanks for replies.

  • I wouldn’t doubt it. Went through so many instruction pages to do this, do that, I could easily have done that. At the moment I have no idea what file that little tidbit happens to be in. Moved off of trying FTP/SFTP and trying to get Wordpress to accept SSH.


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