ssh timeout and console is blackscreen

October 23, 2016 3.1k views

I am trying to ssh into my droplet and i keep getting a timeout.

ssh -p 444 [username]@[ipaddress] [password]
ssh: connect to host [ipaddress] port 4444: Operation timed out

I can ping my [ipaddress] fine. and my website is up.

I also can't access the console inside the digital ocean dashboard it is only a black screen. Clicking inside the console doesn't work either.
I just get two errors:
noVNC ready: native WebSockets, canvas rendering
and then finally it says:

Server disconnected (code: 1006)

I have also tripple checked I am using the correct Ip address and port. I have also sshed into my droplet in the past.

any help would be appreciated it.

2 Answers

sudo service ssh status --> Find if it's running, if it says stopped --> sudo service ssh start

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config --> Find where it says 'Port', make sure this is indeed 4444, else substitute it in then reconnect.

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