SSL does not work on subdomain

August 2, 2019 364 views
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I created the Storage and connected to my site using the API key. Everything works fine, files are downloaded and deleted. When I try to connect a subdomain, and configure a DNS record on my CNAME server (to work as, my SSL (lets encrypt) certificate does not pull me up although I added it in the CDN space settings, but the subdomain was defined like and not like and nothing works, what am I doing wrong?

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May I ask if you’ve installed SSL Certificate for If you have a wildcard SSL you can use this one and install it for the subdomain. If you don’t have SSL for you can use certbot to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL for


Hey. lets encrypt silence should have a wildcard ??? Since I create a subdomain through the CNAME of the main domain, my ISP server control panel does not provide for a separate certificate generation for the subdomain. How to proceed?

  • Hello,

    If you have root access to your server you can issue and install the SSL Certificate manually using certbot. If you can let us know the specification of your server - OS, distribution, I can provide you with additional information.


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