Ssl termination with letsencrypt not auto renewing

February 12, 2019 435 views
Load Balancing

Hi, today it’s 3 months since we activated ssl termination via a load balancer. Today the certificate has expired and hasn’t been auto renewed. Did something go wrong or aren’t they suppose to auto renew?

3 Answers

I would expect the cert to auto-renew so I’ll be curious to hear what D.O. has to say about this…

There was something wrong with the e-mail which should’ve received notices about expiration. The engineers from DigitalOcean can’t determine what wen’t wrong because the logs were already rotated out. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if the problem persists, they’ve improved their logging so they can better respond in the future.
To be continued… (or not? 🤞)

  • Hi Tommyquissens,

    I’d be curious to know if the issue got fixed or not. Please post here if you get a chance.

    • Hi @arnav13
      It never came quite clear what went wrong. But they solved it (after waiting a long time for feedback from them, it suddenly was renewed). Guess it was something on their end.

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