SSL to Existing Wordpress Site

June 1, 2019 187 views

Hey there. I've messed up my site before like this. It's a fresh installation so I wouldn't cry but the process has been going smoothly so far. So my IP itself was encrypted via terminal, how do I make my site also have https? Is it just in the general settings? I did that once and the site broke, currently only https:// works. I can confirm the IP was encrypted with a WP installation.

It's still in the beginning phase, so but I'd rather do it properly and not break it!

Thank you in advance.

3 Answers

AND I broke it by going to general settings and changing it to https. Damn.

It seems to be working now from my end. Is it the same for you?

I started a new droplet to fix it honestly. Didn't feel like fixing the config.php etc file since I failed last time, and I've had a hard time logging in via FTP (something I'll need to fix soon). But the main point is that it works now. Now I have to fill it with content.

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