Staging/Production Environments

May 2, 2014 5.1k views
Switching over from Wpengine and MediaTemple, where staging and production environments were the norm, I'm wondering how to implement that best on DO, given my aim is to house WP sites on a LEMP stack. Would NginX Server Blocks be best, housing all staging projects as subdomains, e.g., and when ready for production taking a snapshot and creating a new droplet off of it? How would this all tie into Vagrant, as far as workflow?
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In your other question ( I mentioned using git post-receive hooks for deployment. If you did something like that, a snapshot wouldn't be the best way to move something from stagging to production.

I think where snapshots would be most interesting for you would be to set up base server images that you'd snapshot. The each time you being work on a new site you could launch a new server based on the snapshot. Although, if you're using Vagrant it might fill that role better.
Thanks Andrew! Was wondering what would be the difference between vagrant and having a boilerplate server image to launch from. Thanks for clearing that up!
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