Static Routing Between Droplet

October 25, 2018 644 views
Networking Ubuntu

Hallo Team,

Yesterday i build lxd under droplet, let’s say “A”, and i want to access that lxd from other droplet let’s say “B”.
Network Example :
Droplet A have private ip, and lxd network have, i don’t have issue if want access from host to lxd.
Droplet B have private ip, and i want access lxd on droplet A from this host. The question is, i already add static routing in droplet B with rule destination via and set net.ipv4.ip_forward to 1 in both host, but i still can’t access lxd host from droplet B, why ? i’m miss something,.. or DO have some firewall to limit the access between droplet.

Please help and advice.

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  • Are you sure firewall not blocking it?

    And do you add static route both droplet?
    from droplet b add network droplet a
    from droplet b add network lxd
    from droplet a add network droplet b
    and so on

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