Still seeing my old website after completing WordPress installation with Droplet

January 9, 2019 366 views
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I just completed the 1-click installation for Wordpress for my Droplet.
This droplet is linked to a Hostgator domain, which had already a static website nested on.
After I correctly changed the servers to my domain, run the Wordpress installation and did everything in order to start a fresh wordpress website on this domain, following the URL I still see my old website, which was not cancelled but it is still there. How to change it? (yes, I already deleted the cache ;) and yes, i already deleted the .htaccess file).
If i enter not through the url, but using the ip generated once I linked the domain with Digital Ocean, instead, it says that “The requested URL / was not found on this server.”

Finally, when I log into my droplet console I can navigate between folders like /var/www etc but I cannot see them in the URL…
Why is this happening?
How can I launch my wordpress website? Should I cancel the old files from the file manager of Hostgator?
Thanks in advance everybody,

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Hey friend,

Make sure you’ve changed your DNS over to point to our server. If you have, there are at least two reasons why you may be the last person to witness your site switch over. The first is browser cache, and the second is DNS cache. Both of these have TTL values, times that must be reached before the caches expire and new information is requested by your computer/router/ISP. The person who most recently requested new records before the change is the one who has to wait the longest to see the change, in what is commonly referred to as “DNS propagation.”


  • Hi Jarland,
    Thanks so much for the answer! Could it also be because I switched domain 3 hours ago? on the DO tutorial it said it could take up to some hours but on some forums people said it could actually take up to 24 hours.
    Thanks in advance for the answer.

    • Happy to help :)

      I would say 3 hours is within normal territory of not yet seeing the result. The rule of thumb is 48 hours, but I usually say 5-8 hours on average.

      • Ok, let’s wait :)
        In case I will bother you again :P!
        Thanks 10000000 so far!

      • Hello Jarland :)!
        It’s working ;)!
        thanks some for the support!
        Now, however, I have another issue/question.
        I have two computers, one OS Mac and one OS Windows. Using the Mac i managed to add the SSH public key and I can log into the droplet from the local machine terminal.
        On the one using windows, however, everytime I try to log in it throws the error
        “permission denied (publickey)”.
        I tried to follow the tutorials:
        Still, I cannot get through it.
        For example, in the session
        it says to paste the key with nano editor but when I try to paste it, some characters of the key are changed (encrypted?) and I do not want to manually copy and paste the key inside the text editor.
        Also, I do not have in my local machine this file “cat ~/.ssh/”. Is it simply referring to the Putty key saved as private after the creation which I already added to the account (but not to the droplet)?
        Also, even from the droplet web console when I try to use the “ssh” command it throws the error “permission denied (publickey)” so I cannot really do anything.
        What am I doing wrong? Where can I find a working tutorial?
        Thanks in advance for the answers.

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