STOP THE SPAM, Digital Ocean!!

Posted May 21, 2019 5.5k views

For several weeks now, it’s been NON-STOP spam from DO’s mail servers, do they do anything at this point to secure their MX network?

I’ve filled out abuse reports, emailed, forwarded, send it to NOC, ABUSE, LEGAL and Jarland with zero help and only one (1) response.

Looks like it’s time to get the .GOV involved as I’m tired of it.

I’ve had 3 more SPAM emails come through as I’m typing this… No joke.


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No, they are coming from DO’s mail servers, at least according to


Per the original post:


“I’ve filled out abuse reports, emailed, forwarded, send it to NOC, ABUSE, LEGAL and Jarland with zero help and only one (1) response.”

I’ve now been taking the time to do their online abuse submissions and it’s slowed down the spam just a tad. Crackerjack outfit we have here [Sarcasm]!

  • Did you provide the details from all the emails you’ve received?
    If you’re saying the reports have reduced the number but not stopped it, it is likely they’re coming from related but different sources, so abuse may not be able to track those all down without the headers from all the emails you’ve received.

Here’s the same old canned response they send back every time, which says to me, “Enjoy that SPAM that we allow and condone to be sent!!!”

“Thank you for your submission. A member of the Trust & Safety team will review the details as soon as possible. If appropriate, the information will be forwarded to the associated customer in its entirety.

As we are an unmanaged cloud hosting provider, we do not create, administer, or have direct access to our customers’ Droplets. This means that we cannot make direct changes to any programs or websites hosted there.

Additionally, our internal policies do not allow us to share information about the customer with third parties without a signed US court order compelling us to do so.


Trust & Safety
DigitalOcean Support”

  • Generally, you will only ever get canned responses from TnS teams, they are very limited in what information they can give to you. Do rest assured though that they will indeed be investigating any and all information you have provided them with.

    • This has been going on for weeks now… I’d block their entire range if I could without possibly blocking emails (or servers using such an email range) if I could safely do so.

      This company is a joke on the security and MX side.

      • These guys have a huge amount of work to do, keep sending any new emails you get from their servers to them for investigation and I’m sure they are working hard to stop the source if it is on their network.

20 spam emails from DO servers / clients today alone. Good grief.

  • Have you passed the details of all of those emails to the abuse team?

    • Dude, really? I pass them ALL along and it’s non-stop. I’ve posted this several times now.

      I’m not a noob to this stuff and having an IT background (no longer in the IT industry), this is the worst support / abuse group I’ve ever come across in all my days.

      • As a community there isn’t really much we can do, all we can advise is that you get in contact with support/abuse and continue to feed them any further emails/information you have so that they can resolve it.

        • I know, sorry if it seemed like I was lashing out at you.

          Just tired of all this junk / spam email and when the platform provider refuses to stop it, there’s not much I can do.

          • I imagine the TnS team absolutely are looking into it but these things aren’t instant as they have to investigate all reports to ensure any actions they take are fair and justified.

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