Stop use DigitalOcean now. There're a ridiculous bug in unlock workflow.

Posted August 24, 2015 5k views

My account get locked when I try add a credit card. It ask me verify my identify to unlock the account. When I try to vertify my identify. It ask me add a credit card or send a paypay payment again!

It’s hard to believe DigitalOcean has a such ridiculous bug in the workflow.

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It’s so easy to open a ticket and solve this, DO is very fast on support. But instead he keeps posting on forum to not sign DO services.. very strange.

Here is my opinion, I’m hosting with them for almost a year now, already referred almost 1.000 people and never had any problems. Regarding payments people should always open a support ticket.

Please open a ticket with our support team from the control panel or by emailing support@ and we’ll look into this for you.

Hello and welcome to Digitalocean

Sometimes it happens that Digitalocean needs to verify your identity. This is just for your security and Digitalocean needs to protect itself.

Just do the verification :-)

I just processed the verification. Unfortunately, My account get locked for no reason!

I don’t what’s wrong with my account. I just paid it via paypal and get locked.

everyone should think twice before you choice DO as your provider.

Did you open a ticket with support, as @ryanpq requested? I can guarantee you that no one is listening to your drivel right now.


This account is permanently locked, and will not be unlocked for any reason.

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See? Permanently locked without any explain. You do satisfied running your business “safely” on DO.

They locked your account because you don’t think you are you? what the fuck!

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