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April 27, 2018 647 views
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Hi group, so I am about to start a new droplet, but this time, I am looking for suggestions in regards to storage solutions.

I had a thought that I can just start a small $10 or $20 droplet for serving the website files, but then have a storage solution for my images.

I am a photographer and have a large number of images that link to my Wordpress Gallery. Looking at roughly 100GB.

I have searched and read a lot of articles but would like to know your suggestions. Here is what I have found so far, please feel free to comment on the below as I am unsure on any of these.

1) Use Amazon S3, mount it to the Droplet and use it as the image file server that Wordpress can use as a gallery. (Is this slow because retrieving each image between servers can have a ping of 180ms+?)

2) Somehow connect Google Drive as the main Wp-content/uploads folder? Possible?

3 )Somehow connect Dropbox as the main Wp-content/uploads folder? Possible?

4) Use block storage as the mount drive for a $10 droplet and then $10 100gb? Can this still work with a CDN as there are no Sydney servers, which is where we are based. Is block storage and droplet on the same datacentre private networked? How fast is the transfer between the two?

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You could start your droplet off in the entry level size and increase the CPU/RAM as needed. As for your WordPress assets you can use DigitalOcean Spaces. There is a plugin for WordPress that helps with this.

by Kathleen Juell
DigitalOcean Spaces Sync offers direct compatibility with DigitalOcean Spaces. You can use it to connect your media library to your Space, and it offers options for storing your items on your server and Space, or on your Space alone.
  • I have been hearing about the Spaces, what is the difference between block and spaces? I have been reading that Spaces has been really slow when working with large amounts of images that are 200kb max in size.

    • I am currently using spaces to house audio file(s) for a small record label. So far it has been alright, however I do not know what it would be like using it for an application with a high load.

I am working as a web developer in one of the advertising agencies in Dubai. We often use Amazon S3 for the storage issues and it is working for us in a very good way. I recommend the same for you too.

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