Strange Problem When Trying To Access a Site On My Server

November 1, 2014 4.9k views

I recently migrated a site from a shared host to Digital Ocean and added my Hostname and IP to my Windows host file so that I could access the site while DNS propagated.
Now that propagation is complete I removed the entry in my Host file and flushed DNS (ipconfig /flushdns). I can access my site from any PC in the house but not my own unless I use a proxy.
I guess something is blocking my IP but where do I look?

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I actually had this issue yesterday. I believe it is due to your ISP. I had a frustrating day of constantly flushing and viewing, finding nothing had changed and was still unable to access my sites regardless of the fact that my linux boxes were showing me the correct IP address for the domain via “host” and “ping”.

What I believe happened is my ISP were caching my request and it’s destination, and that was why. After a few hours (I imagine when their cache cleared) it worked. I’d recommend waiting a few hours (Maximum 24) to see if it clears. If not, I’d contact your ISP after that to see if they do indeed cache.

  • Thanks for reply,
    I am currently located in Philippines and the connection is unreliable to say the least. Your comment makes perfect sense, think I will wait and see.
    I was worried I had screwed up my PC.

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