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July 23, 2013 6k views
I know there are some issues with DO and CDNs so I wanted to check first-- I run a 'public access tv' site which broadcasts local arts to an embedded video player in a website. The source media are video files that are playlisted in vlc media player which streams the output to the site. We want to create a linux server with DO and host our site with you. In addition, we want to upload the video files and player and stream from the created server to the site that it's hosting. Will this be acceptable with DigitalOcean? I don't believe that constitutes us as a CDN, correct?
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I believe streaming is allowed as long as you're streaming legal content.
Some of the media is copyright but is either submitted by the creator or broadcasted under fair use. When creating my 'droplet', will I essentially have a fully functioning linux gui that can host the site and install/run vlc media player to stream to the embedded player? Also, would I be able to remote into this linux instance to control playback and adjust the playlist?
"will I essentially have a fully functioning linux gui...?"

No. You will, however, have complete control of your server via unfettered root access; via your favorite SSH terminal.

"Also, would I be able to remote into this linux instance...?"

Yes. If you'll be accessing your droplet from a Windows machine, take a look at How to Create SSH Keys with PuTTY to Connect to a VPS
by Pablo Carranza
This tutorial runs through creating SSH keys with PuTTY to connect to your virtual server.
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