Stuck at "We are now creating your droplet"

Posted February 27, 2014 9.9k views
Droplet stuck on creating ... "Approximately 58 seconds remaining" took forever ... How can I cancel?
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You cannot cancel a droplet creation, however, you will be able to destroy it once it's created.
  • I have this same problem. The big issue is the droplet I have stuck has already cost me money and I don’t have any access to it. And if it suddenly gets deployed at 1 in the morning and I get charged 10 bucks because I wasn’t there to turn it off I’m going to be pissed.

  • Open a support ticket, and the team will cancel it for you. Also note, that the bill for a droplet is broken down by hour. So you will not be charged $10 if the droplet were to start over night.

  • I am too having the same problem.. The creation is stuck.. Its been 5 minutes.. :(

  • Finally it shows the successful message !! 13 mmins !!!

  • If I close the window, will it stop ‘creating my droplet’ ? I guess not. This wouldn’t make sense. Anyway I’ve been now looking at this “Approximately 30 seconds remaining” for half an hour or so. It must be stuck…

I’m stucked as well.... Pathetic experience. 55 seconds turned into 1 hour :@

I have created a bunch of droplets - and this only happened once… in the long run - it’s a minor inconvenience. It is not ideal. Might as well start researching how you are going to set it up in the meantime.

I have the same issue here

We are now creating your droplet

Approximately 60 seconds remaining

I have the same issue here.

We are now creating your droplet

Approximately 30 seconds remaining. (But I am waiting since 30 minutes ago)

I have opened a support ticket. Still waiting

Creating since 10 mins now… Still 58 seconds to go…

You can’t do some quick package testing if this happens in mid.

Suggestion 1: There should be warning at top bar before creating a droplet for selected region in case of ongoing issues and not after submitting creation. Now that information on Creating droplet thing is nothing but useless to me as I was in hurry. I could have selected other region and saved my half hr.

Suggestion 2: If possible, at least provide IP details as soon as possible. I know it may be tough due to model and process but still if this can be worked out....
I could have changed domain NS IP and saved my many hours.

“We are now creating your droplet

Approximately 30 seconds remaining”

10 min…


I have the same bug today.
We are now creating your Droplet
Approximately 30 seconds remaining…
Approximately 30 seconds remaining…
Approximately 30 seconds remaining…
Approximately 30 seconds remaining…

It’s time to sleep so i will check in the morning.

DO, don’t do that please!

Def need a way to cancel. This post was at the top of Google 8/2016, so this is obv an issue for many.

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