Stuck Ctrl key in console

May 11, 2017 2.3k views
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Good day!

After I went to the console, I logged in and launched MC. While editing a file event occurred, when like stuck Control key. And now matter how much I did not close the console window and did not run again, I can't do anything in console because the console remember the pressing of the Control key. Although neither in my system nor in the browser itself, no sticking there.

It is possible to fix it? I can't work in the console because of this.

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hansen May 11, 2017
Accepted Answer

Hi @dannysusovic2016

You could connect to your droplet via SSH - unless that has been disabled? It's much easier to work through SSH than the Console in the control panel.

If you reboot your droplet, it should release any "sticky" keys - normally Ubuntu don't keep that state after reboot.

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